Generating value

We aim to create projects with lasting value for our partners.

Asset management forms the foundation of aurelis’ success. This part is responsible for leasing, day-to-day operations, facility management and development of existing properties.

Within the scope of our land development business segment, we transform inner-city derelict land into land ripe for development – complete with infrastructure and planning law. These plots are then sold to investors, developers or other partners. As a result, entire new urban districts are being developed on these plots, which have been unused until then.

Within the scope of our building construction business segment, we construct individual commercial new buildings together with our tenants. Our expertise lies in properties from the warehouse/logistics, offices/administration and education segment. Our plots are located in the fast-growing regions of Germany.


Braunschweig, Altewwiek

Stability through long-term leasing contracts and risk diversification

Stability through loyalty to location and risk diversification aurelis rents plots, warehouses and buildings for a variety of commercial uses – from industry, storage and logistics, to offices, restaurants, leisure, retail and services.

At many locations, we have sites at our disposal that are suitable for a range of industrial uses. This is one of the points, which make us unique, since there are relatively few well developed locations available in this segment.

Through our suitable solutions, flexible renting conditions and an individual service, our tenants remain loyal to us and we continuously acquire new ones. Our range of tenants from different sectors, sizes of enterprises and from different markets, facilitates a good risk diversification. This helps us to ensure stable rental revenues that are largely independent of the economic climate and financial crises.

We are continuously enhancing the quality of our portfolio, for example, by extending the terms of lease agreements or by reducing ancillary expenses. What’s more, we are adding value to selected sites and buildings through revitalization, refurbishment or construction projects. Our tenants benefit from made-to-measure solutions; and aurelis benefits from the value added to its portfolio.

Our asset management reference projects


Hamburg, Harburger Brücken

Land Development – From brownfield site to living space

As a land developer, we turn brownfield sites into construction-ready development plots with planning law, infrastructure and connection to neighboring city districts.  Close collaboration with local politics and administration as well as with other stakeholders, forms the foundation for the development of entire new urban city districts.

The complex process begins with the development of a first usage concept, between landlord and local authority, and continues with market and location analyses, expert’s reports and urban planning competitions and ends in the land-use planning process. Planning agreements and land improvement contracts define rights and duties for landlord and local authority.

Generally, we sell construction-ready development plots complete with infrastructure to investors and developers in conclusion of the land-use plan.

    The development process for unused, inner-city areas consists of the following three phases, which partly run parallel:

    Initiation phase

    • On the basis of market and location analyses, reports and feasibility studies, together with local authorities, we develop a location- and market-oriented usage concept.
    • As a result, we conclude a joint agreement.
    • If necessary, urban planning competitions are being organized.
    • Stakeholders, multipliers and other persons concerned are being identified and integrated at an early stage in structured participation processes.

    Planning phase

    • After the land-use plan has been set up, the terms of the planning agreement and the land improvement contract are being negotiated between landlord and local authority. These terms contain the detailed distribution of rights and duties, the planning and technical realization and the economical key data.
    • As part of the land-use planning procedure, this phase provides the statutory involvement through the disclosure of urban planning.
    • Comments from the disclosure are verified and included where appropriate.
    • The resolution follows.

    Implementation phase

    • We take care of dismantling and soil decontamination as well as of the relocation of flora and fauna to dedicated environments, which are created by us.
    • We plan and realize infrastructure provision, supply and disposal and public land (parks, green, places).
    • The second part of the implementation phase focuses on building construction.

    Our continuous controlling guarantees that the project is economically balanced throughout its duration. This is based on our initial planning, which has to be realistic for the market.

    For the further success, trust between project partners, reliability and transparency is as important as balanced controlling.

    Our land development reference projects


    Frankfurt, The Brick

    Focusing on future markets

    We realize our construction projects together with our tenants. Through our activities in land development, we hold construction ready development plots in inner-city locations. As a consequence, we are always in close contact to municipal authorities at an early stage. Our knowledge of local markets and the respective special urban development concerns, facilitate the process until planning permission.

    With our building construction projects, we focus on future markets as well as on third-party use of the properties. Bearing the sustainability of the objects in mind is a matter of course. Our track record demonstrates the confidence placed in us and that we legitimate this confidence with adherence to costs and schedules.

    Our building construction reference projects

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