Generating value

We aim to create projects with lasting value for our partners and are backed by stable revenues.

Asset management forms the foundation of aurelis’ success. This part of the business is responsible for leasing, day-to-day operations, facility management and development of existing properties. Here we realize stable rental revenues and long term tenant partnerships.

Within the scope of our development business, we transform derelict land into development land – complete with infrastructure and development permits. These plots are then sold to investors, developers or local authorities, sometimes giving rise to entire new urban districts.


Munich-Neuaubing, Triebwerk

Stability through long-term leasing contracts and risk diversification

aurelis lets plots, warehouses and buildings for a variety of commercial uses – from storage and logistics, to offices, restaurants, leisure, retail and services. Made-to-measure solutions, tailored leasing conditions and comprehensive management services help us to retain tenants over the long term and to continuously acquire new ones. We have more than 3,000 tenants, predominantly mid-sized enterprises, from highly diverse industries, minimizing our exposure.

Sites suitable for a range of industrial uses are particularly sought after. This is because there are relatively few properties of this type available.

Our portfolio of commercial and industrial real estate helps us ensure stable long-term revenues that are largely independent of the economic climate and financial crises.

Braunschweig, logistics center

Increasing the value of our portfolio

We are continuously enhancing the quality of our portfolio, for example, by extending the terms of lease agreements or by reducing ancillary expenses. What’s more, we are adding value to selected sites and buildings through revitalization, refurbishment or construction projects. Our users benefit from made-to-measure solutions; and aurelis benefits from the value added to its portfolio.

Asset management processes (PDF, 1,1 MB)






Hamburg, Harburger Brücken

Development – From brownfield site to living space

Disused and derelict land is often a source of great opportunity. Where others see rubble and wasteland, we see a world of possibility. We develop an idea for each of our sites. The right idea evolves into a concrete concept that adds significant value to the site. This forms the foundation for modern, forward-looking living spaces and unique urban districts. To achieve our aims, we manage a range of complex processes:

    • In close collaboration with local government, we develop site-specific usage concepts that fulfill market needs.
    • We analyze the ground, take any necessary action and support the relocation of flora and fauna to dedicated environments created by us.
    • We clear sites and gain approval for their non-railway use.
    • Together with local government, we seek approval for land-use plans.
      • We consider and coordinate the wishes and interests of all stakeholders including political leaders, government agencies, businesses and other relevant institutions and associations.
    • We deploy dialog-driven processes for public participation.
    • We plan and oversee the development of infrastructure for utilities and other purposes, as well as the design of public spaces and greenery.
    • We transfer public and green spaces to local government and contribute to social infrastructure costs.

    Furthermore, each and every project must be aligned with market needs and economically viable for all stakeholders. This requires expertise, trust and a meticulous approach to planning and management.

    Development processes (PDF, 1,4 MB)

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